Evolution: Why don't we get it?

Evolution: Why don't we get it?

Evolution: Why don’t we get it?

A talk by Nagarjuna G (@G_N) was organized by R.N. Podar School (CBSE) on “Evolution: Why don’t we get it?” on 11th July. Students are teachers of the school, along with some of the alumni attended the talk.

The main points of the talk included:

  • evolution is a phenomenon of multitude of agents/individuals with variations
  • variations can be generated from a simple architecture with varying parameters (demonstrated through simulations from http://www.complexity-explorables.org
  • existing (surviving) individuals survive because of the other surviving individuals (both living and non-living) in the environment.
  • no individual can survive independent of the other individuals in a population and environment
  • the age of the earth was shown as a 12 hour clock, to show how recent are humans and how ancient are single-celled organisms.
  • some of the evidences of evolution were discussed: geological time-scale, fossils, plate tectonics, molecular basis, DNA and proteins, model organisms
  • mechanisms of evolution can be seen in fast-breeding organisms

Towards the end of the talk, the participants were invited to join STEM Games and CUBE project.