How to find Earthworms?

I’m pretty sure that all of us must have seen earthworms in our life. Friends of farmers are what they commanly known as. But Earthworm is also an excellent Model organism for studying the Regeneration, Gustatory Response and many other things. CUBist also have such questions and are trying to understand various processes in earthworms.

But Where and How should we look for Earthworm? any CUBists have come accross this question and find it difficult to confidently say that ’ yes here I will definately get some Earthworms.’ Most common answer is, we will look for a surface that is wet.

But is there any indication on the soil surface that we can look for and with surety we can yes there are some worms over here!!!

Well yes there is!!!:smiley::smiley:
Let me show you.
This photo is of a plant pot in my balcony. If you could see there are some rice grains like structure made of soil!!
But who could have made them and why?:thinking:

Actually these are made by Earthworms. Earthworm eat the nutrients which are mixed with the soil. When they eat they take in soil with all nutrients and excrets the waste material as feces. The rice grain like structure are the feces of earthworm and the structure of it is because of structure of Earthworm’s anus.

So whenever you want to find Earthworms easily try to look for the feces on the soil surface. Happy Haunting!!:smiley:.