Earthworms :Collection ,Culture and maintenance

Summary of Chatshaala discussion on 13/06/2023

:sparkles:Yesterday we started discussion with Sayali ma’am .@⁨~Sayali Daptardar⁩

:sparkles:@⁨~Sayali Daptardar⁩ got to know about CUBE activities through the workshop at IISER Pune .@⁨Abhijeet Cube⁩

:sparkles: Arunan sir and @⁨Abhijeet Cube⁩ were participated and presented CUBE activities in that workshop .

:sparkles:they @⁨~Sayali Daptardar⁩ & students are Interested to study the Regeneration in cholrohydra & earthworm .

:sparkles:How can we transfer some cholorohydra to them!@⁨Sakshi⁩ @⁨Dhanraj Tribhuvan⁩

:sparkles: Regeneration studies in Earthworm

How can we collect earthworm from soil !

:sparkles:Can we go with the indication!!! :thinking:Excreta of earthworm can be a good indication @⁨Amritha CUBE⁩ @⁨Lakshmi Pj⁩ @⁨Khushi⁩ @⁨Dhanraj Tribhuvan⁩ @⁨Shraddha⁩

:sparkles:How Cubists are Culturing earthworms ! @⁨Misbah Shaikh⁩ @⁨Himanshu Joshi⁩

:sparkles:Cubists are using Tissue paper Cup culture for culturing earthworms .

:sparkles:How these cup culture provide nutrients for earthworms ??@⁨Misbah Shaikh⁩ @⁨Kiran ma’am⁩ @⁨Amritha CUBE⁩

:sparkles:Do tissue paper is a good source of Carbohydrates :thinking:.@⁨Lakshmi Pj⁩

Please give a summary of your understanding .@⁨Amritha CUBE⁩

How can we start to perform regeneration studies in earthworm ?
@⁨Misbah Shaikh⁩ @⁨~Sayali Daptardar⁩ @⁨Himanshu Joshi⁩ & others

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Photo by @Misbah .

How to find earthworms

@Misbah @Sayali @KhushiGupta @dhanraj7 @Smiti