Let's Designing IOT Controlled switch

We all want to control home appliances(Fan, Light) wirelessly.
let’s design it, using ESP-12e and blynk application.
Circuit Diagram


fa.pdf (89.8 KB)

Kicad 3D View

WhatsApp Image 2021-01-08 at 6.06.22 PM (1)


WhatsApp Image 2021-01-08 at 6.06.22 PM

Final PCB

WhatsApp Image 2021-01-08 at 6.06.22 PM (2)

working :heart_eyes:


This is sooo cool!
On and off just with a single click!
Earlier in my +2, I had made a sound intensity-controlled LED switch wherein the intensity/volume of the sound will decide how dim/bright will the LEDs light up.

How easy will it be for me if I start making this project?
Kindly guide :smile:


Post the details here. We could make a guess about how much effort you will need.
Easy or hard is merely relative.
Besides unless you take the first step the journey will never begin.
Start by asking questions here. It will be a perfect exercise for everyone following this thread.


Wow nice help me to solve led and resistance value by kvl law

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What is the realtion between sound and intensity.


Please share, how you make sound intensity-controlled LED switch.

If you are beginner and you want to make IOT Control switch , then buy some hardware stuff

  1. relay module
  2. Node MCU Boad
  3. some jumper wires
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