MANGO MAPPING:- January 2024 (Part-1)

Citizen Science Project of Mango Mapping
This project inspires every person irrespective of their background; where both scientific as well as non-scientific background people come together to understand and interpret data that is sent by cubists from different places of India. Based on data, factors can be analysed that are playing role in inducing mango flowering at different time at different places across India. Many cubists have contributed to this project by giving updates on Mango tree flowering from their respective place.


Trivandrum, Kerala (Collaborators:- Prithviraj, Hemant, Gayathri, Babitha)

1) Prithviraj

2) Hemant

3) Gayathri

4) Babitha

Summary_Trivandrum, Kerala
Prithviraj sir: 35F/44 and 6/44 fruiting
Hemant: 1F/1
Gayathri:- 1F/1
Babitha: 2F/6
Total trees observed:52
Flowering: = 39/52 = 75%
Non-flowering: 13/52 =25%.
Fruiting:- 6/52 = 11.53%

Palakkad, Kerala (Collaborators:- Anusree, Abhikrishna, Amritha, Babitha, Sniga)

1) Anusree


2) Abhikrishna

3) Amritha

4) Babitha

5) Sniga

Summary_Palakkad, Kerala
Anusree: 48F/122
Abhikrishna: 2F/4
Amritha: 12F/20
Babitha: 3F/6
Sniga:- 2F/2
Total trees observed:
Flowering: = 67/154= 43.50%
Non-flowering: = 56.50%
Fruiting:- 7/154 = 4.5%

Malappuram, Kerala (Collaborators:- Sreepriya, MS Mohan, Megha, Viswanathan)

1) Sreepriya

2) MS Mohan

3) Megha

4) Viswanathan

Summary_Malappuram, Kerala
Sreepriya: 6F/7
MS Mohan: 1F/1
Megha: 4F/5
Viswanathan: 4F/4
Total trees observed: 17
Flowering: 15/17 =88.23%
Non- flowering: 11.76%

****Kozhikode, Kerala

Theertha M.D

Thrissur, Kerala (Collaborators:- Lakshmy, Anuja, Anitha, Ashitha, Anjana arjuna)

1) Lakshmy

2) Anuja

3) Ashitha

4) Anjana arjuna

5) Anitha

Summary_Thrissur, Kerala
Lakshmy: 43F/74
Anuja: 1F/3
Anitha: 1F/5
Ashitha: 4F/5
Anjana arjuna: 4F/5
Total trees observed:92
Flowering: = 53/92= 57.60%
Non-flowering: 40/99 = 42.39%