Molecule Polarity [7th June, 2021]

Molecule Polarity

We discussed on the topic “Molecule Polarity” with the help of Phet Simulation.


  1. What is electronegativity and how the difference in electronegativity between two atoms determines the character of the bond (covalent or ionic)?
  2. What is dipole and how this difference in electronegativity helps to create a dipole along the bond?
  3. The conventional representation of the dipole.
  4. How the partial charge on the bonded atoms changes with change in the direction and magnitude of the dipole?
  5. How the electron density will vary on the atoms if the bond between them is polar (having dipole along the bond)?
  6. What is electronic potential and it’s pictorial representation along the dipolar bond?
  7. Share your thoughts, questions and comments regarding the simulation and your experience during exploring the simulation.

We welcome all kind of suggestions and feedback if this was useful and how can be collectively make it better.

Collaborators in video resource creation: Prof Savita Ladage, Deepak Arora, Hanza George, Mursaleen Shaikh, Ravi Sinha, Ashish Pardeshi, Indrani Das, Swarnava Mitra

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