Observing nature, addressing interesting questions

Observing nature, addressing interesting questions

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Fluttering butterfly at CUBE, HBCSE, 18.8.19

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Cardamine forest at CUBE, HBCSE, 18.8.19

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Fluttering butterfly at CUBE, HBCSE, 18/8/19


Cardamine forest at CUBE, HBCSE, 18.8.19


What is the characteristics feature to say it as a cardamine @Priti_Kanade

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Compound leaves having leaves with dents
Flower having 4 petals
Seed Pods
Seed size and shape

Can you send a reference for us to differentiate between cardamine and normal weed? @Priti_Kanade

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Morphological characteristics of Arabidopsis and Cardamine, RefCardamine hirsuta: a versatile genetic system for comparative studies doi: 10.1111/tpj.12447 Angela S. Hay1,*, Bjorn Pieper1

What is so interesting and characteristic feature of cardamine to use it for research purposes?

Is a weed which is close relative of Arabidopsis, which is used as plant model organism
The difference being
Arabidopsis has simple leaf whereas
Cardamine has compound leaves

Don’t you think transferring genes through Floral Dip is done in Arabidopsis as much as in Cardamine?Production of Transgenic Crops by the Floral-Dip Method | Leandro Pe�a

It is done in Arabidopsis and therefore we can use for Cardamine


But people have already done in cardamine as well So what’s ne about it? @Priti_Kanade Chen.pdf (307.1 KB)

It depends on the objective with which you carry out a method
What question you are interested in addressing

Tell us more about this ? Have you identified it ? What’s it’s size ? Location? etc.

We have Cardamine at HBCSE
It’s 15-20 cm in size
We can grow Cardamine as table top farm!

This butterfly is fluttering over the curry leaves in vegetable mart :innocent:2019-11-23T00:00:00Z


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