"Pagalapos Islands of HBCSE-TIFR Mankhurd Mumbai"

How similar and dissimilar the Galapagos and pagalapos islands are?
**Dry manholes **
Manholes filled with moist soil
Submerged in water
Close up pictures of manhole
Manhole under the shed of HBCSE main building
Under the shed of trees
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There is a whole lot of organisms in these manholes
Interesting thing is that this one manhole is like a separate world of organisms and these organisms live in it.
So, each manhole could be different with different organisms.


yes @Lydia
But how do we test it?

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We can take samples from each manhole and label them so that we can distinguish between each sample.
Then we need to observe these manhole samples under the microscope.
We can expect any kind of organism. It’s totally a different environment.
As and when we get to see something, just try to separate that and keep it aside for further proper detailed observation
In this way, we get to differentiate between each manhole.
Need not be completely different, but yeah we can get to see a lot of varieties!

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Mosquito breeding sites?

galapagos architecture consists of 3 km thick volcanic mantle plume under the island and sometimes rising above sealevel as rocks… Most of the Galápagos is covered in semi-desert vegetation, including shrublands, grasslands, and dry forest. (wikipedia). Wetlands are missing. I feel HBCSE manholes are Mankhurd Wetlands.

Very interesting. What kind of sample are you talking about and how do plan to collect it? Can we distinguish diversity between the microbes just by viewing them under the microscope, for example what if two microbes have similar cellular morphology but are entirely different otherwise?

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