Robot for playing war in competitions

Basically we use this robot for competitions in ROBO WAR.


Metal for armor (refer to the competition guidelines considering the width of armor, generally it lies between 5-10 mm)

Wheels (Choose wisely- they are really important, but more important is the defence you are providing to protect them)

Motors (1000 RPM and more than 30 kg torque ,12-24 V)

Weapon System (Cutters, Drums, Pneumatic, Hydraulics, Wedge etc)

Controller (like Arduino or any other readily available to you)

Remote Controller (In my case, it was flysky fsi6, spectrum Dx6i)

There is designs for the same
robo img
**Here is video for wire less robot **

Here is video for wired robot


These are looking great @P.k.

Just 2 days ago, @Ashish_Pardeshi @ARYAN1 @palaneprashant @Farhan and I discussed similar things around chotubot. Please check that out and join our conversations. Interestingly, chotubot is a automatic robot (without any remote) and was implemented without using any microcontroller.


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