Starting 15 Oct - Make your own speedo-odo-meter!

Make your own speedo-odo-meter

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Starting 15th Oct , 3:30 pm to 5:30 pm every Thursday

4 session series: 15 Oct, 22 Oct, 29 Oct and 5 Nov

Facilitators: @Ashish_Pardeshi, @Farhan, Glab MakerSpace team

To know more, visit the thread

List of materials which you can procure

Components Quantity
Push button 2
ATTiny 85 or Arduino nano or Arduino pro mini 1
oled screen 1
Jumper Wires
Breadboard 1
AA/AAA Battery with holder (1.5V) 2
Reed Switch or Door Lock Sensor 1
Magnet 1

Soldering iron, Zero PCB Circuit Board