What do you think about this poor gravid fruit fly?

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Date : 19.06.2024 at 2.55 pm Afternoon


I made an attempt to save those eggs but unfortunately they not became the larvae.

Theertha, CUBE Homelab cherukkad

Theertha, CUBE Homelab cherukkad

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[20/06, 7:58 am] Batul Ma’am: Egg laying in drosophila is not an automatic action but it is well thought out based on expectations .The reference below explains in more detail.
To better understand how animals make ethologically relevant decisions, we studied egg-laying substrate choice in Drosophila. We found that flies dynamically increase or decrease their egg-laying rates while exploring substrates so as to target eggs to the best, recently visited option. Visiting the best option typically yielded inhibition of egg laying on other substrates for many minutes. Our data support a model in which flies compare the current substrate’s value with an internally constructed expectation on the value of available options to regulate the likelihood of laying an egg. We show that dopamine neuron activity is critical for learning and/or expressing this expectation, similar to its role in certain tasks in vertebrates. Integrating sensory experiences over minutes to generate an estimate of the quality of available options allows flies to use a dynamic reference point for judging the current substrate and might be a general way in which decisions are made.

[20/06, 8:04 am] Batul Ma’am: @⁨Arunan sir :smiling_face:⁩ @⁨~Dhanraj⁩ @⁨Theertha⁩ the fly that laid eggs on Theerthas hand found it to be rich in nutrients for its larvae.it was not a random act otherwise the fruitflies would have laid eggs on other people hands too.
[20/06, 8:26 am] Batul Ma’am: This is an interesting article on how the great tits which use the cue of a large hole as more food for the young one gave more eggs but with less success in an experimental nest box showing how man made nest boxes can cause maladaptation.Usually a bigger hole would have meant a bigger girth of the tree and hence a lot of insect larvae to feed the baby birds.We see a similarity here with egg laying on Theerthas hand.The fly made the decision based on environmental quality which it sensed by smell to be good for the larvae but did not realize it was.a human hand.
[20/06, 8:56 am] Rakesh Biswas: Amazing bird health cognition paper that evaluated whether artificial breeding cavity size could lead great tits to take wrong decisions in relation to reproduction in an urban habitat. :clap::clap:

[20/06, 9:27 am] Himanshu Joshi: Thanks for sharing this article : this article is a forced choice experiment where great tits have to choose either of the holes to lay eggs out of only a few options. However, in the case of Theertha’s hand Drosophila has to choose between all the options available around and Theertha’s hand
We must take the findings of this paper with a pinch of salt as it was an experiment to formally test whether artificial cavities (small medium and large) with a cue for nest site selection may become potential ecological traps in urbanized environments.
[20/06, 11:59 am] Arunan sir :smiling_face:: Decision making process in fruitflies.
Very interesting area of research to address Decision making in other organisms, including human beings.:+1::+1::handshake:@⁨Batul Ma’am⁩ @⁨Theertha⁩
[20/06, 11:59 am] Arunan sir :smiling_face:: Theertha’s hand a bait for fooling mother fruitflies, to lay eggs?
Let’s find out @⁨Theertha⁩ @⁨Batul Ma’am⁩ which chemical or smell molecule on the skin of Theertha’s hand played the trick?

Is it something from what Theertha ate that day, may have been excreted through sweat that triggered the mother fly to lay eggs?
Terpenes?:upside_down_face::innocent: Why do flies sit on humans? - The Statesman
[20/06, 1:43 pm] Batul Ma’am: Why do we concentrate only on sweat what about sebaceous gland secretions on the hairy skin.sebum is rich in triglycerides,fatty acids, squalene,and wax esters. The Smell of which attracted the fly?
[20/06, 2:04 pm] Batul Ma’am: Sweat also contains lactic acid and lactic acid bacteria also change the medium making it more tasty for fruitfly and also to lay eggs.

Enterococci Mediate the Oviposition Preference of Drosophila melanogaster through Sucrose Catabolism - PMC.
[20/06, 5:08 pm] Arunan sir :smiling_face:: Don’t you think then fruitflies will be hovering around all of us most of the time?

Why only on @⁨Theertha⁩ who had a lot of ripe mango for eating? @⁨Batul Ma’am⁩

Moth layed eggs on the wall.
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