🤔Why Zebra fish model organism for studies 🐠

@Lahari ;Although humans may appear to be extremely different than zebrafish, we are actually much more similar to them than you might think. In fact, 70% of human genes are found in zebrafish.
@ lahari and Nandhini we both are culturing the zebra fishes to observe developmental stages of zebra fish which is useful for us.The virtually transparent embryos of this species, and the ability to accelerate genetic studies by gene knockdown or overexpression, have led to the widespread use of zebrafish in the detailed investigation of vertebrate gene function and increasingly, the study of human genetic disease.By Collection of eggs and development of it will have more benifit to studies on how the zebra fish playing role like due to presence of 70% gene in this like humans if any person got or any damage of organs takes place prefer zebrafish and test on it.
Present we have arranged a trap for collection of eggs…:tropical_fish: To continue the process.
Previous image of our college lab zebra fish embryo observation under microscope…:point_down:


How do we study innate immunity in zebrafish? How do we induce infection in zebrafish?

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