Bending Light (Part IV) [13th July, 2021]

Bending Light

We discussed the concept of reflection, refraction, refractive index, its relation with speed of light from the scratch via PhET simulation in the previous sessions (Links are given below):

Part I
Part II
Part III

We will extend our discussion here. :slight_smile:

Here our main focus is the concept of prism and the reflection and refraction associated with it.


  1. How we can predict the path of the light of a particular wavelength through prism using the concept of reflection and refraction?
  2. How the path of the light changes with the change between the angle of the two planes which are in the intersection of the two mediums in the path of the light through prisms?
  3. How the radius of curvature of the plane dividing two mediums affects the path of the light?
  4. Why white light splits into different colors while passing through the prism?
  5. Some interesting shapes obtained during the discussions are,

Screenshot (139)

Screenshot (136)

Screenshot (138)

  1. Share your thoughts, questions and comments regarding the simulation and your experience during exploring the simulation.

We welcome all kind of suggestions and feedback if this was useful and how can be collectively make it better.



Collaborators in video resource creation: Ashish Pardeshi, Ravi Sinha, Swarnava Mitra


PhET Interactive Simulations
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