BFC Session-5 [Oct 31 2020]

Barefoot Chat in the previous weeks on perception (Session-1, Session-2) and objectivity (Sessions-3 and 4) repeatedly forced us to reflect on - what is being Human?

This week, we will start chatting about this around the text by Hume (link).

See you all at 3 pm this Saturday, 31st Oct 2020 at webinar.

Please share widely among and invite your young friends and colleagues.

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We started of with general conversation around what it is to be human?

We then touched upon various aspects anchoring on the very activity of doing Philosophy.

A natural free flowing conversation around the multiple issues of language, poetry, experience, ideologies and maturities were covered.

Here is the recording of the session.

In this video, we start with various activities that human Beings engage in ranging from Art, philosophy, science etc, and make an attempt to understand these as rule-following activities.
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