BFC Session-6 [Nov 7 2020]

This week too, we shall continue the last week’s conversation on “What is being Human

This week, we will start chatting about this around the text by Hume (link).

See you all at 3 pm this Saturday, 7th Nov 2020 at webinar .

Please share widely among and invite your young friends and colleagues.


In this video, wandering around the question of “what is being Human?” we reflect on the human activities of doing science, philosophy, and even cooking as rule-following games and eventually end wondering about non-human entities. An interesting thought, we end up with leading to next discussion is - “Does having two legs make us human or does a particular way of walking make us human?”

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I watched the webinar upto 46:04 in that I get the concept of considering different perspective of scientist and philosopher.

Means I also a curiosity like a bottle example.
Like playing word game with friends and family and relating another word for that word. The concept behind the relation of word game is to find similar words and many different words for same entity. By this we will further discuss about it to get the root philosophy of objects.
Another concern is like
“what is being Human?”
Carl Sagan has once quoted

We all are made up of star stuff

So, if we make the human like us but we can’t give him life. So, what’s makes every living object live.

Every object has subject which makes him alive.
And subject of all in this universe is only one.
And we cannot find that subject. If we find that subject then it will become object like we are.
So it is like tree :evergreen_tree: reverse tree. We are on the top branches observing the universe. If we reduce our vision we will observe surrounding nature. If we further come down we will observe that our eyes :eyes: making us to see and further down we will observe that the light falling on our eyes which is processed by brain :brain: is perceiving us to see. Then when we come to trunk we will see that in the brain :brain: their is something which remember everything about all it is responsible for that world or universe. Like that we will come to the roots where from further we will not get anymore deep where all stop. This is the consciousness. We can’t predict what is the process that is the subject.


Idea behind subject is only one is consider a light source which is placed in the bottle and that bottle many holes. When we lit the lamp we will see different rays pointing from same source. Same concept behind the subject the subject is light and object is all the entities present in universe.
Like that we have dream diagram

State of awakness
State of dream
State of deep sleep

This is mentioned in old scriptures of vedanta also IIT KANPUR talks also available on this thought process by the Advaita Vedanta teachers.
It is more deep process they are searching for scientific result also to improve our understanding.

From that three state their is fourth state called as TURYA (the fourth one).

For more understanding refer to Patanjali yoga sutras.
Where their is mentioned 8 stages to achieve subject and nirvana.

So, we will discuss more on this in coming webinar and I will add more points after watching full webinar recording.