Do Butterflies Mimic Each other!

Mimicry in Butterflies🤔

There is a interesting Story from Krishnamegh kunte ,National Centre for Biological Sciences, TIFR ,India.

:shamrock:@Ichha got a news that was from NCBS by Krishnamegh kunte .About the mimicking pattern exist between Common Mormon ,Common rose and Crimson rose .

:shamrock:While discussing we came to know that there are 1 male and 3 female Common Mormon butterflies .In which one of them were mimicking Common rose and Crimson rose butterfly each.

:shamrock:Yesterday the disscussion was started with @sakshiconsultant2002 about the caterpillar that she got from Phyllanthus plant .

:shamrock: @sakshiconsultant2002 kept it in a box and feed them with both P.urinaria and P.amarus plants .

:shamrock:Then we discussed between the differencebetween P.amarus and P urinaria about the flower ,fruits,leaf etc.Also the importance of Phyllanthus plants and the meaning of phyllanthus in Hindi and in Malayalam .

:shamrock:According to @Sakshi that caterpillar similiar to tobacco cut worm.

:shamrock:@Sakshi used Google lens for this identification .
:shamrock:Then we discussed about the reliability of that .Also tried to explain the anterior and posterior part of caterpillar .

:shamrock:While discussing about the caterpillar story ,@sakshi also mentioned about the caterpillar that got from NES Ratnam college campus .Then we came across the picture shared by @Jyoti

:shamrock:The picture is about the Comparison of C2 butterfly(caterpillar Got from N E S College) .According to them the C2 butterfly is Common Mormon .They used to compare picture that taken from Google images mention as common Mormon with C2 butterfly .

:shamrock:Also in second picture they used a crimson rose butterfly for the comparison with C2 butterfly and mentioned that these were not similiar .

:shamrock: Later @sakshiconsultant2002 made an interesting question that "
Do they mimic in caterpillar stage also or only in butterfly stage"
:shamrock:Then we came across the interesting part about the mimicking in butterfly .

Why actually Common Mormon is mimicking other butterflies !?!?!

Also the intersting thing is female Common Mormon is showing this mimicking !

Is this because only to escape from predators ?

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