Key notes of CUBE Chatshaala discussion(06/04/23)

Today’s discussion started with …We are facing data storage issues, how to overcome or archive our datas?
Here is option to archives our date…Metastudio

How ISEB Conference trigger shraddha to make a CUBE Garden lab!!
While preparing poster for ISEB conference 2023 she collected the datas from her surrounding now those place is establish as CUBE garden lab Panvel .

How Psyche butterfly different from Common mormon!?

Sara from CUBE SN college Varkala had very intersting study on Common mormone butterfly .

She collected 10 caterpillars from Curry leaf plant and found 3 different forms of Common mormon female that is Cyrus ,Stichius,Romulus .

Common mormon female butterfly mimicking Common rose and crimson red butterflies .


Congratulations Sara for your great work

While discussing Atharva had a very intersting question is that "Why do they mimick some particular butterfly "!

How Sara managed to culture those 10 caterpillars !!
Used box with holes, sugar-water solution.

References shared during CUBE Chatshaala( 6/4/23)

One gene for many butterfly disguises
Kunte One gene for many butterfly disguises

Group photograph of participants of today’s CUBE Chatshaala