Make a DIY Microscope

In continuation with the series on theme microscopy, this week we will be unpacking details to make a microscope using a web-camera and also explore a simple method to capture magnified image using the smartphone.
( Details shared in the links at the bottom)

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The session will also be live-streamed: Here

3 Dec | 3:30 pm to 5:00 pm | Thursday

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Taking this recording from Logitech webcam


That’s nice!
I have tried this as well.

As I didn’t make it for the microscopy session today, I would like to know that is this video a part of the session (like did we have a discussion on taking video like this or something like that)?

What are the highlights of today’s microscopy session?

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We in starting discuss about over focus point and we have make some data in tabular form
Like for my example of my eye I can focus from minimum distance of about 9cm for right eye and for left eye it is 9.5cm without spects and with spects it is 11cm.
But due to my spects number is in minus the distance is increasing but in @GN sir case it is decreasing.

And then we discuss about lights, camera, action blog of @ravi312.

And then in end we discuss how to find that similar with webcam CCD sensor and lens.
So, by that I learned how to focus and this video shows the implementation of the process which was explain by @jtd sir and @GN sir

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